Emergency support for the provision of HIV and Harm Reduction services among key populations in Ukraine and refugees in selected neighbouring countries

Within the project “Emergency support for the provision of HIV and harm reduction services among key populations in Ukraine and refugees in selected neighbouring countries” which is implemented by Re Generation with the financial support of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), with the aim of enabling comprehensive access to health and social services for people who use NPS/stimulants, during the implementation of the project we will conduct:

Needs assesment

On the basis of an already developed protocol for the needs of the research conducted in Ukraine and Moldova, we will adapt the protocol to the local context in order to map out the necessary services for people who use new psychoactive substances (NPS)/stimulants.
Through research in the population of Russian and Ukrainian citizens living in Serbia, we will strive to map out their needs and practices. In addition to the structured questionnaire, with interested respondents we will also conduct in-depth, semi-structured interviews in order to also gather more qualitative data.
Additionally, we will also conduct interviews with decision makers and service providers, in order to see in which way the available services can be further developed in order to provide an adequate response to the population’s needs, and in which way we can achieve project goals through joint cooperation.

Capacity building training and support for web outreach service provision

In order to support the continuation of web outreach directed at people who use NPS/stimulants, we will develop a specialized training for CSOs which will work with these populations, with a particular focus on online services, NPS and stimulants.
Based on UNODC recommendations for web outreach, and our practices up to now, we will adapt and develop a web outreach protocol with the aim of a more adequate and comprehensive response to the population’s needs, and this publication will be available in Serbian for all OCD working in this field, or wishing to pilot web outreach services, so that they can adapt the protocol and guidelines to their needs or the needs of the population they are working with.

Online peer support for people who use NPS/stimulants in Serbia

Due to the fact that Serbia does not have enough harm reduction programs directed at people who use NPS/stimulants, we will also pilot peer online peer support services which will include a referral system for the services of testing for HIV/HCV/STI, as well as different counseling and treatment programs in institutions/organizations that are available and accessible.


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